mychonny moves in

mychonny moves in is a webisode series written by and starring John Luc in his online personae mychonny. Australia has a new Prime Minister, and he is Asian. When Chonny and his family are kicked out of their suburban home and wanted by the police, they descend on their relative, ingratiating their way into the heart of the PM and his home. With a sense of obligation the PM reluctantly accepts his extended family and welcomes them in. The family cause mayhem and mischief for each other but especially for the Prime Minister. But Chonny, as dumb as he is at school and as recalcitrant he is as a son, steps up to ensure his family don’t get into too much strife, hamper the security of Australia, and continue to have a roof over their heads.

Director: Kate Woods
Producers: Robyn Kershaw and Eva Di Blasio