Lawrence, a spirited 18yr old Chinese/Australian with a healthy disrespect for authority. After cheating on his high school exams and- worse still- failing to get into medicine, he is banished to stay with his aging uncle for the summer. While at his uncle’s chess club, Lawrence meets a colourful, aging conman- The Professor. And so begins the road trip with The Professor and his daughter, Sarah. The Professor teaches Lawrence the art of swindling and cheating, and from Sarah Lawrence learns about love. As Lawrence and the Professor work towards their biggest scam (and Sarah and Lawrence plan something of their own), Lawrence is forced to make a choice between love, life and lies. Featuring YouTube star John Luc and Cannes 2014 Best Actor Award winner Timothy Spall. Sucker is a delightful coming of age comedy based on the stage play by Lawrence Leung.

Writers: Ben Chessell and Lawrence Leung
Director: Ben Chessell
Producers: Robyn Kershaw and Jason Byrne
Executive Producer: Joan Peters
Associate Producer: Eva Di Blasio
Cast: John Luc, Lily Sullivan and Timothy Spall