Bogan Wedding

Pregnant Tina asks Sally, her only sister, to leave her academic studies and return home to Perth to be her maid-of-honor and arrange her wedding- her very BOGAN WEDDING. If Sally had her way, she'd live on the University campus and avoid the bogan masses outside forever. Gregarious Tina has other plans and demands Sally organise her big day... the hedonistic, superficial, full-on bogan wedding replete with stretched Hummers, fake tans, and a $20,000 dress "like the one what Princess Kate wore". It's Sally's worst nightmare until she realises however this 'bogan wedding' could be her ticket to the top and help secure a permanent full-time position and permanent housing at her university. That is if she secretly conducts an anthropological study of Tina, the wedding and her bogan lifestyle. After an onslaught of bogan-ness, a funny thing happens... Tina starts to make Sally see these 'bogans' as people...Sally's people - her tribe in fact!

Writer: Jules Duncan
Director: Trilby Glover
Producers: Robyn Kershaw, Eva Di Blasio and Jessica Carrera
Film: In Development